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Q: How much does it cost to register? 

A: $65/t-ball, $85/AA, $105/AAA,Majors, Juniors & Seniors.  Family discounts are applied for two or more.
Q: How do I sign up for Little League?
 If you are new to SFLL, fill out the Create New Account section on the Login screen. Then click on Create Account.
If you have previously created an account and registered on this specific website, then log in under the Sign in Here link.
Can't remember your username or password? Click the 'Forgot Username or Password' link to have these items sent to the email address you previously used to create this account.

Q: Does my child need to play T-Ball?

A: Yes, every child must play at least one year of T-Ball, both girls and boys.

Q: What days do T-Ball play?

A: T-Ball plays on Saturday mornings for an hour and a half.  Practice first and then a game against another team.  The coach will decide to have a practice during the week

Q: Can I request my child play with a certain coach and/or player(s)? 

A: Coach and/or player requests can be made during the online registration process and the League Directors will look to make as many accommodations as feasible.

Q: How do I sign up to be a manager or assistant coach?   

A: SFLL is always looking for volunteers and you can indicate your interest as a manager or assistant coach during the online registration process.  You can also contact your child’s coach after one is assigned if you are interested in helping out.  Background checks will be required for all volunteers.

Q: What equipment does my child need? 

A: Each player must have his/her own glove and a cup.  Glove Buying Guide  Players will receive hats and uniform shirts, pants, and socks.  Cleats for AAA and above are recommended.  Metal cleats for Juniors and Seniors only.  SFLL will provide all other required equipment

Q: What division will my child play in? 

A: League Directors will work together to place boys and girls in the appropriate divisions.  Placement will be based on age as well as individual player evaluations which will take place in early March.   

Q: What is the Player Evaluation Event(s)?  

A: Each year we bring the boys and girls together by age and run them through some basic skills assessment. The main objective is to evaluate players to ensure proper placement in League Division. Our driving concern is around player safety with these choices. For instance, a player who is not ready for player pitch would most likely be better served in the "Coach Pitch" Division as their skills and confidence will grow and they will enjoy the game more. Evaluations are also used when forming certain Division team rosters to ensure that teams are balanced. Evaluations are not final and we are happy to discuss any placement with Parents or Guardians.    
Q: How  do I sponsor a team?
Click on the sponsors tab above and follow the "sponsor a team" instructions.

Q: Will it get better?  

A: We are often asked by parents "Why do games take so long?" and "Why is this so painful to watch?", referring to the lack of catching and hitting. What we can tell you, unequivocally, is IT DOES GET BETTER". Consider that Major League players make millions of dollars playing baseball and they succeed at hitting less than 3 times out of 10. So set your expectations appropriately.     

Know that as your boys and girls get older, as you play catch with them in the yard, bring them to the batting cages for practice and as they practice with their teams, slowly, but surely they get better. Games become competitive, plays are made, hits happen and smiles are all around.  So, be patient and let the magic happen. Little League is a short window and if your player sticks with it they will have a lifetime of memories.